Q Are Cuda Tools guaranteed for life of the tool? A All Cuda Tools are guaranteed for life per our Lifetime Warranty claims as explained on our product packages and the Cuda Website.

Q Are the Cuda tools corrosion resistant? A Although no steels or alloys are rust-proof, all Cuda tools start with corrosion resistant steel and contain our proprietary Titanium Bonding & Passivation process providing the ultimate in corrosion resistant. Rinsing all Cuda tools with fresh water after each use will prolong the life and corrosion resistance of your tool.

Q What makes Cuda fishing tools different? A Cuda Tools are different than the tools on the market because they all feature a “full-tang,” patented Titanium Bonding, corrosion passivation process and specially designed Cuda scale pattern grips.

Q Are Cuda fishing tools for saltwater or freshwater fishing? A All Cuda tools were designed with the “fisherman in mind” regardless if they are in a bass boat or in the Canyons. We do have tools that are designed fishing type specific. For instance, #18853 Cuda 4” Titanium Bonded Filet Knife is perfect for freshwater fishing due to the size of the blade matching smaller fish.

Q How can I get replacement parts or service for my Cuda fishing tackle? A Simply click on the support URL for all of the Customer Service and support options for your specific request

Q Does Cuda sponsor fishing pro’s? A Thank your for your interest in being a Cuda Pro. We are always looking for new Pros to support and champion Cuda. For more interest, please go to the “Pro Page” on the Cuda website.

Q How do I request a Cuda catalog. A Cuda product catalogs are available online electronically. Please go to the support page and download the Cuda Catalog PDF.

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