Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Mike MillerMike Miller's love for the outdoors, hunting and fishing began at a young age.

He lives near Oshawa Creek, where he hunts salmon and tuna in fall and spring and spends his summers at a cottage on Sturgeon Lake in the Kawartha Lakes region. Obviously, he has access to countless fishing opportunities. Thus, at the end of his school day and during the summer holidays, there was a good chance that Mike was fishing.

At the age of 21, Mike won his first competitive bass fishing event. Since then, he has become one of Canada's most successful bass fishermen with 26 wins and 18 bass fishing titles.

Mike studied arboriculture at Fleming College in Lindsay, but changed his path after graduating to pursue his dream. He toured as a professional bass fisherman and worked for a variety of sponsors, which eventually led to television production. In 2004, he became the host and co-producer of the popular Fish'n Canada program, where he honed his on-air skills.

In 2011, Mike joined OFAH's award-winning Angler & Hunter Television as a host and producer. He launched the 19th season in January 2012 and the rest, as they say, is history!

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